Talloires Network
Leaders Conference
Live Engagement, Transform Lives

December 2–4
Cape Town
South Africa

Hot Off the Press

The Engaged University: International Perspectives on Civic Engagement

The Engaged University is the most up-to-date and comprehensive account available on the global civic engagement movement in higher education. Leaders of the 20 Talloires Network institutions who are profiled in The Engaged University will be recognized and join in releasing it at the conference.  All participants will receive a free copy.

In universities around the world, something extraordinary is underway. Mobilizing their human and intellectual resources, institutions of higher education are directly tackling community problems – combating poverty, improving public health, and restoring environmental quality. Brick by brick around the world, the engaged university is replacing the ivory tower. This book documents and analyzes this exciting trend through studies of civic engagement and social responsibility at twenty institutions worldwide.

The Engaged University aims to motivate and guide decision-making and action inside and outside the academy, and to elevate public awareness of, and support for, civic engagement in higher education. University enrollment worldwide is predicted to surpass 200 million by the year 2030. This book offers a glimpse of what these students, in collaboration with their teachers, communities and institutions, can do to accelerate economic development and build healthy communities around the globe.

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